Duke Nukem co-creator hints that game may be close to finished

Duke is back. Hail to the king, baby!

George Broussard, one of the founders of now-defunct development studio 3D Realms and the co-creator of Duke Nukem, recently Tweeted a hint that oft-delayed Duke Nukem Forever may be nearing completion.

The outspoken developer told 1UP in 2006 that DNF would be released "when pigs fly". Fly they did on Tuesday when Broussard Tweeted a picture of some airborne swine.

Previous to Broussard's Tweet, speculation indicated that Gearbox Software may be making an announcement in regards to the title at this year's PAX Prime convention. This latest revelation gives further credence to that rumor.

While the evidence points toward a PAX reveal of Duke Nukem Forever, gamers should keep the title's spotty track record in mind before getting too excited.

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