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SCEE: Only devs that use 3D creatively will reap rewards

Like in Hollywood, quick 3D upgrades will feel

With the launch of PlayStation Move a stone's throw away, Sony has begun rallying developer support for their other hardware-based initiative: 3D.

Several of Sony's first-party titles, ranging from racing simulator Gran Turismo 5 to first-person shooter Killzone 3, will be playable in 3D at launch, while third-party publishers are also integrating 3D technology to their games. However, SCEE vice president Ray Maguire warns that developers need to be careful how they use 3D - sloppy implementation won't help them push more units.

"I think that those who do the extra work will get the sales, and those who are lazy about it or don't want to invest that much money will be marginal", he told Edge Magazine.

While the 3D televisions have a high price point, Sony recently claimed that 60 percent of consumers who have seen the sets in action intend on buying one.

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