Activision wants Black Ops to beat Modern Warfare 2

The marketing war begins tomorrow

Activision has some massive ambitions for Call of Duty: Black Ops and they're investing the cash to make them reality.

The leviathan games publisher wants to make Call of Duty: Black Ops and they will be using the biggest marketing campaign in the history of the company to make it happen.

The opening shot of the marketing campaign will come during the England vs Bulgaria match tomorrow when the first TV advert airs.

Call of Duty general manager for Europe Michal Sportouch told MCV: "We've a fantastic game and a fantastic marketing campaign so our ambition is to set another record like we did with Modern Warfare 2."

He added: ""The resources invested behind Black Ops in terms of development of the game and the marketing are the highest ever for Activision. Our ambition is not only to be the biggest game but also the biggest entertainment launch of the year."

Call of Duty: Black Ops will storm stores worldwide on November the 9th on PC, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii and DS.

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