BioShock Infinite dropped prototype ideas to spawn other titles

Levine la vida loca

Irrational Games head Ken Levine has revealed that the prototype ideas that didn't make it into BioShock Infinite may appear in another title.

Levine told 1UP in an interview that they had been playing around with a few ideas before settling on BioShock Infinite and the ideas that weren't quite right for the game were a too good to ditch.

He began: "We finished BioShock, and we really didn't know what was going to be next. We actually prototyped a bunch of stuff... kinda decided it wasn't [right], and sat in a room and said, what else is interesting us? The idea of doing another BioShock game came up, but we knew if we were going to do that it wasn't going to be a game in Rapture."

"The fun thing about working on shooters is a lot of things you're doing are applicable. So there are some notions that came out of that prototype that are going to be in this game [BioShock Infinite]. And I think, from what I've heard, there's some notions that are going to be in other games too, that came out of this prototype. That's kind of cool, [but it's] not anything we're working on," he added.

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