Apple: iPod commands 50 per cent of handheld market

An Apple a day keeps Nintendo and Sony away

While core gamers still turn to PlayStation or Nintendo-branded products for gaming on the go, Apple is commiting itself to making big waves in the industry.

At the recent Apple event in San Jose the California-based electronics company emphasized the fact that their devices, the iPod Touch in particular, could compete with game-focused handhelds. In fact, Apple CEO Steve Jobs claimed the iPod Touch "outsells Nintendo and Sony portable game players combined" on a regular basis and maintains 50 per cent of the market share worldwide.

Jobs' comments were backed by a new commercial, debuted at the event, that highlights the new features of the latest iPod Touch. Nearly one-third of the commercial showcased games, such as Capcom's Street Fighter IV, conveying that Apple's devices are ready for core games.

Additionally, Gears of War developer Epic Games is also backing the platform. Develop-Online reports the studio is currently working on Project Sword, a title designed to emphasize the perks of developing for the iPod.

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