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Blizzard interested in Starcraft movie if Cameron is at the helm

This is Jimmy... Cameron.

Space marine originator James 'Jimmy' Cameron is Blizzard's ideal director to bring its new-age space marine Jimmy Raynor to the sliver screen, according to the company's executive vice president of game design Rob Pardo.

While Blizzard is hesitant to green light a movie based on its recent blockbuster hit, the developer would do so if they could find the right creative people. That's always been the challenge for us, explained Pardo to MTV.

James Cameron, who directed the horror-classic Aliens and 2009's 3-D blockbuster Avatar, would be the ideal prospect for the big-screen conversion, though. I think if Jim Cameron came to us tomorrow and said, 'You want to make a 'StarCraft' movie?' we'd probably sign that", Pardo said.

Meanwhile, the studio announced in 2006 that it would develop a film based on its other hit property, World of Warcraft. Evil Dead/Army of Darkness director Sam Raimi is currently slated to produce the movie.

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