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Neverwinter may or may not require a subscription

Cryptic remain erm... cryptic about pricing

It appears that Cryptic Studios hasn't settled on a business model for their new D and D project, Neverwinter.

Their new co-op RPG title based on the ongoing saga of the Dungeons and Dragons city of Neverwinter may or may not feature a subscription of some kind.

Cryptic COO Jack Emmert told Gamasutra: "I can guarantee you that we envision this as an online product that will continue to grow over time, that we continue to add content to."

Carrying on in the same vein he added: "So whether it's subscription fee, whether it's free-to-play, whether it's microtransactions, whether it's pay-by-the-minute [laughs], whether it's some sort of Ponzi scheme that I haven't figured out, I don't know. None of that has been announced."

Neverwinter is due out at the end of 2011 for the PC and will be based around five-player co-operative play.

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