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DJs in League with Chaos

New 'fantasy' sport revealed

One of the UK publishing scene's most recent arrivals - Digital Jesters - confirmed on Friday that they have acquired the rights to publish 'fantasy sports' title Chaos League on their home turf. French developer Cyanide Studios are behind the project, and are creating a no-holds-barred fantastical free for all, featuring a variety of colourful fictional players.

'Athletes' in the game will compete in teams of nine to force a ball into the opposition's scoring zone, with fights on the pitch frequently forming part of the competition, in which players can manage and train teams, selecting players from ten species.

A variety of multiplayer modes will be part of the fun, and online play will be included in this title which launches in June on the PC.

"Chaos League is a game that has had our internal testers playing well into the night, and that's obviously a good sign," enthused director Terry Malham. "It's an unusual title which could ordinarily get lost in a large publisher's portfolio. However, we're thrilled to have signed and look forward to giving it the marketing and PR focus only Digital Jesters brings."

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