Hollenshead not sold on 3D

Id boss thinks 3D TVs are a tad over-priced

Id's Todd Hollenshead has been expressing his doubts over the current push for 3D visuals.

Hollenshead told Eurogamer recently that the 3D revolution that everyone is talking about is still some way off.

The id Software boss said: "My most recent, oh, okay, this is really cool experience with 3D was with the movie Avatar, which everybody has seen. Even then, I was a little annoyed that I had to wear these glasses for two hours in a movie. My nose hurt by the end of it."

He continued: "I know the stuff in your living room is different. You can get higher quality glasses that fit. But you still gotta sit in your living room wearing these glasses. And then if you're playing games and move your head then it can get out of phase, which is a major issue."

Hollenshead added: "And, also, the TVs are f***ing expensive. Is there enough content to justify?"

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