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Former staffers hit out at RTW senior management

Money-management apparently not their strong point

Former staff of Realtime Worlds have been speaking about the company's fall from grace.

One former employee, Luke Halliwell wrote on his blog: "It felt like we were being let go decently, and then BOOM - not getting paid anything, owed last month's wages, our notice periods, redundancy pay and unused holidays. A substantial amount of money, all told."

His wife later commented more harshly: "Dave Jones and Ian Hetherington have pissed away millions, they are getting away with not paying over 200 employees for the work that they have done and have fiddled their way to being able to buy back Project: MyWorld for cheap."

Another person claiming to be a former employee commented on Rock, Paper, Shotgun: "The sheer time spent and money it took to make APB is really a product of fairly directionless creative leadership. Certainly Dave [Jones] has great, strong, ambitious ideas for his games. But he's a big believer in letting the details emerge along the way, rather than being planned out beyond even a rudimentary form."

The anonymous did stress that they felt that Dave Jones was not a bad guy adding: "I can't emphasise enough how nice a man he is personally."

Thanks GamesIndustry.biz.

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