Steam saved Introversion

Darwinia+ developer talk on th benefits of selling on Steam

Introversion MD Mark Morris has been talking about the how beneficial Steam has been for them.

Sadly the recent XBLA release of Darwinia+ did not perform as well as hoped but sales of Introversion's games on Steam have kept the developer afloat when all else failed.

Morris spoke on their performance on Steam: "A couple of statistics that I'm sure Valve won't mind me sharing: We've now sold more than $2.5 million through Steam, which is pretty good for Introversion, through life. Not all of that comes back to us, because sometimes it's been in bundle packs, and we've gotten less. But basically it equates to almost bang on 1 million GBP, so we're really pleased."

The poor performance of Darwinia+ actually caused Introversion to downsize but one particular Steam sale of DEFCON kept them going. Morris added: "The sale did in the ball park of $250,000 -- so when you're back to being a team of four people, that's a lot of revenue."


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