Spector checks in on Deus Ex team at GamesCom

Deus Ex creator make sure Eidos Montreal are doing a good job

Warren Spector took the opportunity at GamesCom this year to check in with Eidos Montreal and the franchise he created.

The series creator was curious about their decision to "introduce a third person mode" as he had previously said it was not a choice he would have made.

Thankfully, the game's producer David Anfossi was not fazed by Spector's pedigree and gave a solid answer.

"When we replayed the first two games we noticed that the augmentations are the stars of the show. We decided it would be nice to allow the player, when he decides to upgrade his character for takedowns or punching through walls, to show him that happening on screen making it more spectacular and giving him a reward. From that point we were able to introduce the cover system too."

Spector later headed over to the Deus Ex booth and had a look at the new game for the first time.

Anfossi added: "It was an honour to finally have the chance to present what the team has done in the last four years with this franchise. We were very nervous and it's funny that when Warren sat with us to look at the demo he was also very nervous. This franchise was his baby. It was a great moment for us. I won't speak for [Warren], but we received very good signs from him."

Thanks NowGamer.

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