Xbox gets Pro Evo this year

Good news Xboxers!

Konami confirmed this morning what we've all expected for some time, namely that an Xbox version of the latest Pro Evo Soccer is currently in development, and will be heading to Microsoft's console in the fourth-quarter of this year. The short-sharp press release confirming the title is more than a little vague, with no improvement or deviations from the PS2 or PC edition revealed.

Naturally, Microsoft are pleased to get a new footie title released on their format; a welcome break from FIFA most will agree. "Pro Evolution Soccer is a fantastic football simulation," enthused Michel Cassius, Senior Director of the Xbox Platform. "Konami's reputation for delivering stunning match-day action that plays almost identically to the real thing is renowned across the globe. Coupled with the fantastic graphics and advanced gameplay that Xbox offers, we foresee one of the greatest transfers of all time when Pro Evolution Soccer signs for Xbox."

Of course, what would really give us cause for excitement is support for Xbox Live in Pro Evo, though Konami are tight-lipped as this point. More news soon, then.

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