Bethesda already working on a second project

No announcement on what they're making though

Bethesda's Todd Howard has been talking about the projects thaey have on the go without saying what they are.

In an interview with Eurogamer Howard admitted that design work has already begun on a second game but he still wasn't ready to say what their next game would be.

Howard said: "We kind of overlap, so Fallout 3 was overlapped into Oblivion, so we'll be doing design. We have about 90 people on the team, but not everyone is on the main game. Most people are. We spent time on Fallout 3 during Oblivion so when Oblivion was done we had a design, a concept, and some stuff running for Fallout 3 so we could move the bulk of people onto it."

He added: "Right, so we're in production on the new game, and we have a design going for the one after that."

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