Rubin leaves Naughty Dog in the cold

Top-dog departs studio

Jason Rubin is to leave Sony-owned developer Naughty Dog after the release of Jak 3, it has come to light today. The current studio president wishes to expand his "reach outside of Naughty Dog's parameters," but has "nothing but appreciation" for Sony Computer Entertainment America.

The news of his departure comes after Rubin gave a speech at the recent DICE conference in which he criticised the publishing giants of the industry for stunting creativity. Although he was quick to play down the role of this talk in his parting company with Sony.

Rubin stated that he had no firm plans at this stage, but that he was interested in exploring new opportunities. "Instead of focusing my energy on making games under tight deadlines, I want to build relationships with people outside of this sector," he commented. "That will enable the gaming industry to integrate itself into other areas that will prove to be profitable. That's just not possible in my present situation."

Rubin was confident that the studio would be just fine without his presence, stating "Naughty Dog is a well-oiled machine - it practically runs itself." More on Mr Rubin as we get it. Thanks to

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