Brink bonuses include Fallout skins

Let the hype begin

Pre-orders for the upcoming shooter net a batch of bonuses including Fallout- and Doom-themed content based on which US retailer you patronise.

IGN details a large slate of pre-order incentives publisher Bethesda is offering in the lead up to the spring 2011 release of Brink. While the announcement only pertains to the US version, many of these pre-order bonuses will likely be offered in the UK too.

Noteworthy are the Fallout and Doom pre-order packs available when pre-ordering at Best Buy and GameStop, respectively. The Fallout goodies include special tattoos, unique sub-machine gun, a bandanna, and other custom equipment. Similarly, the Doom pack offers a screaming soul tee, special sub-machine gin, a Doom bandanna, and a Hellspawn tattoo.

Brink will be available for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC in spring 2011.

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