Xbox Doom 3 gets Extras

But no co-op on the PC?

The focus id Software are placing upon a singleplayer experience with Doom 3 was highlighted today, as it came to light that a co-operative mode will only be available in the Xbox edition of the game, currently in development at Vicarious Visions. CEO Karthik Bala also revealed that Doom 3 would be "a showcase title for Xbox Live, with a number of features and additions that make playing against others online a fantastic experience."

So, no co-operative play on the PC we think, something of a shame though a multiplayer mode of sorts is still planned, though it probably won't be the extravaganza of previous id offerings. Indeed, this mode may only support four-players, and the maps for this portion of the game are being developed outside of Dallas by the UK's Splash Damage.

Quite whether Vicarious can pull-off a top notch multiplayer experience on the Xbox on-top of id's primary interest in singleplayer excellence remains to be seen, but we shall certainly be keeping our eyes peeled for further information on both versions for you. Thanks to

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