Toy Story 3 annihilates StarCraft II

Don't mess with Woody

Woody packs a mean punch--the Toy Story 3 star has done the difficult work of overtaking real-time strategy game StarCraft II with a week of strong sales.

Here's hoping Blizzard enjoyed their time at the top because Disney has taken lead of the UK weekly sales charts with Toy Story 3. The latest all platforms chart shows the game at number one, with StarCraft II down in fourth place.

If that wasn't surprising enough, check out the two other games that trounced StarCraft II: Modern Warfare 2 and Dance on Broadway. Yes, a game 10 months old and a cheesy dancing game beat out the year's most anticipated PC game.

Enough sulking! You can see how many great games StarCraft II still managed to beat this week on GFK Chart-Track.

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