THQ claims high ground against EA

Glass houses and all that

Former EA vice president Danny Bilson (who now works for competitor THQ) claims work on an Iraq war game was halted due to controversy.

Bilson outlines work on a shooter based on the 2003 invasion of Iraq, which was eventually cancelled due to the unease it caused among EA's business partner.

Bilson explains to CVG, "When I worked at my former company [EA], I had to go to the UK in the middle of the Iraq war and try to talk to them about a game that we never wound up finishing."

It ought to come as no surprise given that EA has moved forward with an equally controversial game based on the war in Afghanistan. Yet, Bilson has little room to claim high ground over EA at a time when THQ is marching forward with shooter Homefront.

In the same interview, Bilson exclaims "This isn't about social responsibility. It's about drama." So when you're watching Americans die on US soil in Homefront, don't get your panties in a bundle--it's just drama, man.

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