Itagaki: Devil's Third will be the best game ever

No hype here then

Tomonobu Itagaki has been talking modestly about his first game at his new Valhalla Studios.

He has been making some interesting claims about his new THQ-published game Devil's Third.

Itagaki told Edge Magazine: "But, look, Ninja Gaiden, it was absolutely intentional that it be that difficult. That game was a revival version of a classic game for old-school gamers, so I wanted to make the hardcore happy. Ninja Gaiden 2, though, I really wanted more people to enjoy that, but... we ran out of time for balancing. That was a tragedy. Really."

He added: "For Devil's Third, there's absolutely nothing to worry about. We've got support from THQ's testing team, and we're going to work really closely with those guys to balance out the game. It's going to be the best game ever."

Thanks CVG.

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