Sequel to RPG Torchlight revealed

Into the sunlight

Indie studio Runic Games has announced work on Torchlight II, the follow up to its critically acclaimed PC action role-playing game.

Shacknews broke the story, detailing Torchlight II and its slate of new features including multiplayer.

The game returns to the world of Vilderan, although in the sequel you venture from dank caves to the surface. Joining "deep ominous caverns" will be surface areas with "weather, time of day cycles, and random events."

Multiplayer is easily the biggest addition with both online and LAN options offered. Runic Games promises "free peer-to-peer matchmaking service to meet new players of a similar level and interest."

Torchlight II will be available in spring 2011. No platforms have been announced, although a release for PC and Mac is presumed.

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