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Half-Minute Hero 2 in the works

Wait a minute

Developer MMV is readying a sequel to awesome time-based role-playing game Half-Minute Hero, promising new types of quests and modes.

Andriasang has translated a preview of the cleverly named Hero 30 Second (Japanese title only) in the latest issue of Famitsu. The magazine goes into depth about several new quest types and the revised time limits during quests.

Five quest scenarios will be offered--up from the original's four: Overture, Judgment, Revolution, Ragnarok, and Destiny. Each of these quest scenarios put you in control of a different hero with unique abilities. Curiously, the article says that not all quests will have time limits.

Also added is a level editor that will let you build your own scenarios. Other new modes include four-way multiplayer and consecutive boss battles.

Hero 30 Second will be available for PSP in Japan. No US or UK release has been announced.

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