Toy Story 3 dethrones Crackdown 2

To number 1 and beyond

UK weekly sales figures are out and Disney has ousted Microsoft's Xbox 360-exclusive from the top of the charts.

Toy Story 3 has taken the top spot on the UK weekly sales chart according firm GFK Chart-Track.

Not only did Crackdown 2 get bumped from first by the movie tie-in game, but it slipped all the way to no. 10 (or more appropriately 10th place since I doubt Prime Minister Cameron is staying up until 2:00a playing Crackdown 2).

Red Dead Redemption climbed a couple notches for a second place finish, continue it's stellar run. Rockstar's game is the top-selling so far of 2010. Only one new game made the list: Dragon Quest IX at number 9.

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