SEGA lifts the hammer on Thor game

Mjolnir strikes next summer

SEGA has announced that Thor, the mighty Norse god of thunder is getting his own video game.

The new game will take the form of a third person action title and the story has been penned by Marvel comics regular Matt Fraction.

This is the first time that gamers will be able to guide Thor on a solo adventure as he faces a horde of beasts from Norse mythology and vanquishes them with his legendary hammer Mjolnir.

The more enemies Thor vanquishes the more Valour he earns which he can use to increases his array of skills and powers in battle.

Thor: The Video Game will arrive with a full blown cinematic experience on PS3 and Xbox 360 and a more comic-book style on DS, PSP and Wii in the summer of next year.

E3 Trailer