Black quitting Codemasters before Bodycount is finished

Codemasters denies E3 fallout

It was announced today that Black creator Stuart Black would be leaving Codemasters in October.

Black will be using the time between now and his departure in October to tie-up his design work on new shooter Bodycount which is seen as the spiritual follow-up to EA's hit Black on the previous generation of hardware.

The announcement follows the departure of Bodycount's executive producer Tom Gillo who also worked on Black alongside Stuart Black.

Adrian Bolton, studio manager at Codemasters Guildford said: "Having created a great vision and direction for Bodycount, Stuart has decided to move on after three years with us. He will see out his design role until October and, through the transition period, will continue to work with the talented development team that will take the game through to completion."

Bodycount is due out at the beginning of next year.


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