Tigon lend a hand with Riddick game

Vin just loves gaming

You may already know that Enclave developer Starbreeze are currently working away on the interactive version of Vin Diesel's The Chronicles of Riddick film, however what you may not know is that Vin himself is lending a hand with the project, through his own games development firm Tigon Games.

Tigon head Cos Lazouras confirmed his firm's involvement thusly: "Tigon has worked closely with VU Games and Starbreeze in all aspects of the game's development from the beginning. Aside from Vin lending his face and voice to the game, some other areas we were involved in include story creation, writing of dialogue, directing cinematics, character design, and overseeing the game development from a creative standpoint."

What's more, The Chronicles of Riddick actually seems to be coming along rather nicely, and as a long-time gamer, Diesel's involvement at least means his interests include playability, as well as adding a little Hollywood 'muscle' (haha), to the proceedings: "I have been very fortunate in that I have the ability to get other incredible artists from the film and music worlds to lend their voices, talent and excitement to these games", he commented.

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