First Mafia II DLC a PS3 exclusive

DLC to come free with mint copies of the game

2K Games announced the details of the first pack of DLC that they wil be launching for Mafia II.

The Betrayal of Jimmy DLC pack will be available to download exclusively for the PS3 version of Mafia II from the day the full game launches.

As a bonus to those buying brand new PS3 copies of the game codes for The Betrayal of Jimmy will be bundled in with their copies for free. The pack will also be available to buy at 6.29 GBP from the PlayStation Store.

The Betrayal of Jimmy follows Jimmy, a mercenary for hire as he blasts his way across Empire City finishing the jobs that the mobsters can't.

The second pack of DLC, Jimmy's Vendetta, has also been announced. It will again follow Jimmy as he cleans up the messes that mobsters have left behind. This pack will be available on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 and prices and release dates have yet to be confirmed.

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