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APB updates planned for driving and combat

Review comments taken on board

In the face of the mixed reviews APB has received Realtime Worlds has promised that there will be updates to deal with the problems highlighted with the combat and driving systems.

Realtime Worlds' Neil Castle has said that they are working on a major overhaul of the cars' handling and the feel of the combat as well.

Castle said: "We're already underway on a major overhaul to vehicle handling to make cars more responsive and less slippy overall. You'll still be able to power slide around corners in stylish fashion, but steering is more responsive overall and easier to get the hang of early on."

He continued: "We're looking at almost every aspect of combat how it looks, feels and sounds, as well as weapon characteristics and tactics. Weapon changes will be put up on the Public Test World to get some feedback in due course."

Thanks VG247.

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