Zeschuk: 3DS a more natural 3D experience


Bioware's Greg Zeschuk has been sharing some of his opinions on the move towards 3D in gaming.

Speaking with, Zeschuk said that Nintendo's 3D feels like a much more natural experience than 3D TVs can currently deliver.

He began: "Simply put, it's expensive. It's really expensive. To ask someone to throw away their 1000 USD television, put it in the basement and buy a 1500 USD television, and get the glasses which are obtrusive and expensive, it's going to complicate the process."

He added about the 3DS: "I think it's really interesting, largely because it solves a lot of the problems with 3D. The price issue, and I dont have to have a pair of crazy glasses hooked up to it. The fact that it feels more natural because you just adjust the focal distance. We all have different eyes and distances that work for you so you play with that and it really works."

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