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Helghast show a little humanity in Killzone 3

Killzone 3 villains modelled on the Nazis

Guerrilla Games has explained that they have decided to show a more human side of the Helghast in Killzone 3.

Guerilla chief Herman Hulst told Gamepro that they were aiming to show the Killzone story in more shades of grey rather than a straight good against evil story.

Hulst said: "We're weaving a story that has more shades of grey than the trite representation of good vs. evil. Although the Helghast are physically still human, they consider themselves superior to the human race in terms of society and culture."

He added that the y have drawn parallels with the Nazis in order to make the Helghast feel more real. Hulst added: "They possess a mentality that's similar to how the Nazis viewed those not part of the Aryan bloodline. Helghast look down on humans as weak, lying, and spineless."

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