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Medal of Honor gets limited edition

Limited appeal

EA has announced a premium-priced Medal of Honor Limited Edition, but there's little to justify the extra cost.

A PlayStation 3-specific version including a remastered copy of Medal of Honor: Frontline sounds like a good reason for shelling out extra cash for a special boxed copy, yet the official Medal of Honor Limited Edition can't claim such a compelling bonus.

Access to three guns - MP7 sub-machine gun, TOZ-194 and 870MC2 shotguns - are all you get for the added price--that's it. To be clear, EA admits that the TOZ-194 and 870MC2 shotguns can be unlocked in the standard version of the game; in other words, for the extra money you're getting one gun.

Medal of Honor will be available for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC on October 12.

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