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Sony add 3D health warning to PS3 terms and conditions

3D PS3 games not recommened for under-sixes

Sony has updated their terms of service for the PS3 to include a health warning relating to their 3D titles.

In a move similar to Nintendo they have warned that some people may experience headaches, nausea and even vomiting from playing 3D games.

The also suggested that children under the age of six should not be allowed to play games in 3D as their eyes have not developed enough to cope with the 3D effects.

The new additions read: "Some people may experience discomfort (such as eye strain, eye fatigue or nausea) while watching 3D video images or playing stereoscopic 3D games on 3D televisions. If you experience such discomfort, you should immediately discontinue use of your television until the discomfort subsides.

"SCEA recommends that all viewers take regular breaks while watching 3D video or playing stereoscopic 3D games. The length and frequency of necessary breaks may vary from person to person. Please take breaks that are long enough to allow any feelings of discomfort to subside. If symptoms persist, consult a doctor.

"The vision of young children (especially those under six years old) is still under development. SCEA recommends that you consult your doctor (such as a pediatrician or eye doctor) before allowing young children to watch 3D video images or play stereoscopic 3D games. Adults should supervise young children to ensure they follow the recommendations listed above."

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