Moore: 3D not quite there for team sports games

3D must add value

EA Sports' president, Peter Moore has said that he's unsure about the benfits of 3D for their team sports titles like FIFA and Madden.

Moore told VG247 recently that he didn't believe that 3D adds anything to games like FIFA and Madden just yet.

He said: "When you're doing team sports and FIFA and Madden are good examples the camera comes out higher to allow you to play the game and see the field. Ive seen Madden already in 3D: you go down tight and the 3D effect is very cool, but when you come back to normal, 22-players? It's not quite what you need."

"We're looking at it, and weve certainly seen our games running in it, but we won't just do it for the sake of doing it," Moore continued. "I think it's got to really add value to the game experience."

The EA Sports man is still not totally sold on the 3D revolution. He added: "I don't think weve missed out on much right now. I don't know anybody with a 3D TV; I don't know about you."

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