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Hulst: Killzone 3 on Move will play as fast as on Dualshock 3

Run and gun dynamic working well with Move

Guerilla's Herman Hulst has said that hardcore gamers will be pleasantly surprised by the Move control scheme for Killzone 3.

Speaking in this month's Official PlayStation Magazine Hulst said that the controls would be closer to standard run-and-gun responsiveness.

He said: "I'm confident that when Killzone 3 comes out, we're going to have a set of controls that will really appreciate the vast majority of audiences."

Hulst added that they have also worked hard to remove the heavilness that characterised the controls in Killzone 2.

He said: "The heavy sensation of KZ2 is absolutely gone. Instead, this feels much closer to standard run-and-gun responsiveness."

Killzone 3 is due this February on PS3 and will include full 3D and Move support.

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