Enlight hires McGee

What a busy man he must be

Former id Software man American McGee, currently working with Disney on an Oz film trilogy and creator of EA's Alice game, has been hired by developer-publisher Enlight in a consultancy role as the firm's Creative Director.

Enlight are working on a number of projects in-house, and with several external development partners (such as Infinite Interactive, Egosoft and Haemimont Games), and the firm clearly feel that McGee's new involvement can help refine and improve their products further.

"American McGee is one of the most gifted designers in the interactive entertainment and computer games industries," enthused Trevor Chan, CEO of Enlight. "Together, we will seek out other talented designers and as a publisher, encourage and nourish their creative freedoms instead of squelching them. This is a major step forward for Enlight. Working directly with American McGee has been a goal of mine for some time."

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