Dead Space 2 prequel creeping to downloads this autumn

Comic-book styled game to bridge the gap between the full titles

Visceral Games is creating a prequel title called Dead Space Ignition that will fill in the gaps between Dead Space and Dead Space 2.

The game will tell the story of the Necromorph outbreak that precedes Isaac Clarke's arrival on the Sprawl.

Ignition is written by award-winning comic book writer Antony Johnston. The game is heavily comic-book styled and follows a 'Choose Your Own Adventure' game format.

Dead Space executive producer, Steve Papoustis explains: "Dead Space Ignition is the first of many exciting game extensions we have planned for the launch of Dead Space 2. The interactive comic-style game will give Dead Space fans a unique perspective on the events leading up to Dead Space 2, and will also introduce the storyline to a brand-new audience of gamers."

Dead Space Ignition will launch this autumn on Xbox Live Arcade and PSN.

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