Kojima will talk ZOE 3 after MGS: Rising is finished

Not enough manpower at Kojima Productions to start another project

Hideo Kojima has teased Zone of the Enders fans saying that he may turn his attentions to Zone of the Enders 3 after Metal Gear Solid: Rising is finished.

Kojima-san told French gaming site JeuxVideo that he is considering a new Zone of the Enders game but he just doesn't have the manpower to start work on it yet.

The Metal Gear creator said: "My team and I want to develop a new ZOE. But it turns out that Kojima Productions has limited resources in terms of teams and directors."

Kojima continued: "So at this stage, we have not yet had time to work on ZOE 3 which has been postponed at the calendar. However, I think after Rising, I will look seriously ZOE."

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