Mark Rein excited by Move and Kinect

Kinect especially excited

Epic vice-president Mark Rein has high hopes for the MOve and Kinect.

Rein explained that if developers embrace the new motion controllers and experiment with them then they will be very exciting indeed.

Rein told at GameHorizon: "Wait until you see what people are going to do with these things. We're involved tangentially in both technologies actually. The Kinect adventures game is Unreal Engine 3 and that sorcery game that Sony has, that's also Unreal Engine 3. So we have Sony and Microsoft, first-party, both doing cool things with our technology and I wouldn't discount anything."

Kinect posed the most interesting possibilities for Rein. He added: "There's no doubt in my mind that Kinect is very much an experiment to see where they should go with this stuff. I mean, this device [a prototype Android tablet] has a camera. If you had the rest of the Kinect sensors on here, this'd be great. You could prop this down on a little stand, and play Dance Central right here. What would be wrong with propping this on the table and standing here in an environment with friends and doing a dance?"

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