Steinberg: 3DS compelling case for the dawn of 3D visual technology

Nintendo could win the 3D race with the 3DS

Industry analyst, TV host and writer Scott Steinberg seems to have been much more impressed by Nintendo's 3D efforts than Sony's at this years E3.

In his irreuglar column here at, Steinberg singled out Nintendo's new 3D hand held out as the best argument for 3D visual technology yet.

Steinberg reckons that, by eliminating the need for glasses, Nintendo may be on to a real winner with the 3DS.

The 3DS was one of his picks of the show in his upcoming column here on and he explains why: "By eliminating those cumbersome glasses, allowing fans to enjoy 3D in a more natural manner, playing three-dimensional television shows and movies as well as games and doing it all in whats expected to be a cost-affordable, convenient package, well This little handheld that could make a far more compelling (and value-minded) case for the dawn of 3D visual technology than any $3000 television and clunky pair of active shutter glasses."

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