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Sony: Industry still wrapping its head around Home

Home still not s**t

PlayStation Home director Jack Buser has been running down what Sony has achieved with Home since its beta phase began in 2008.

The virtual world platform now boasts over 100 games, 50 virtual Home spaces and 14 million users. The average visit is 70 minutes and 85 percent of users are those that have used the service before.

Buser elaborated: "Home is new. We're doing a lot of really new stuff that I think the industry is still wrapping its head around. We're seeing a lot of innovation in the space, and some of us have hit success."

Of course, Home is completely new and there has been a period of adjustment for the industry as developers and publishers explore how they can take advantage of Home's unique environment.

He continues: "I think it takes some time as the industry as a whole, whether that be consumers or whether that be the media, to start to shift their focus to these new types of platforms and see how people are actually spending their time with the console and with gaming in general. I think we are part of that evolution, part of that conversation."

Thanks Gamasutra.

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