Mitzuguchi hopes Child of Eden will be a tearful experience

This is no Rez 2

Tetsuya Mitzuguchi, creator of Space Channel 5 and Rez, is hoping to make gamers cry with his latest game, Child of Eden.

Speaking on Twitter, Mitzuguchi expressed hopes that Child of Eden would move gamers to tears through the power of music.

He wrote: "I want to do a game that moves people to tears, but we're a little ways off from that. It has nothing to do with words. It'll use the power of music."

He continued: "Still a little way to go. We've come a long way, just a bit more. We're only five months from completion. We have to decide on the final direction in the next few days. It's a story that I've been continuously thinking of for five years."

"That story is grounded in music and images, grounded in the rewards of an interactive experience and spirals up. Even though it's something we've worked on for such a long time, if we take it for granted we could lose it at the last moment," he continued. "However, we will absolutely offer an experience that can move you. Music and images, drama and experience...We've been working on something like a powerful chemical reaction. Child of Eden."

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