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Bioware: Consoles not even a thought for the Old Republic

PC is the natural platform

Bioware's Daniel Erickson has said that they ahven't even considered bringing Star Wars: The Old Republic to consoles.

Erickson told CVG recently that he wasn't even sure if a console version of SW: TOR was possible.

When asked about a console version Erickson said: "I have no idea if it's possible. I'd have to ask our tech director. I can tell you that it's not anything that we've even discussed. There is nobody anywhere in Bioware laying the groundwork for that because we have a very large complicated game to ship first."

"We all know the drawbacks of PC. We all scream at our boxes and try to make stuff work. But at the same time, the interface is made for games. The mouse/keyboard interface allows so much less restriction [than console]." "There was not a question when we started Old Republic - or any of our games, for that matter - [what the lead format would be]. There's a reason the lead SKU for Dragon age was PC as well. When we're developing an RPG, it's a natural place to be."

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