Games should follow the Hollywood model says Gilbert

Triple-A can fund smaller more experimental projects

The man behind Guybrush Threepwood, Ron Gilbert has said that he believes that the games industry should take a leaf out of the film industry's book on funding models.

In an interview with VideoGamer Ron Gilbert set out his suggestions to help the industry grow and become more rounded.

He said: "I look at hardcore gaming the same way I look at summer blockbuster movies," explained Gilbert. "You know, the summer blockbusters are really important to the movie studios, and in some ways they fuel a lot of their profits. But the movie industry is able to make a lot of different types of movie. They make romantic comedies, they make weird little art films, they do all sorts of interesting things - and I think that's where the games industry is starting to head."

He added: "The hardcore games may always fuel the profits of large companies, but I see them [publishers] now looking to take chances on other types of games, realising that we need to become a more rounded industry, as films are."

Gilbert has not long finished work on his latest game Deathspank, with Hothead Games. It is due out on PSN on July 13th and XBLA on the 14th.

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