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Hall of Fame honours Peter Molyneux

The AIAS' latest entrant

The Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences has revealed that Lionhead's Peter Molyneux has been admitted into their Hall of Fame, currently also graced by Yu Suzuki, Will Wright, John Carmack, Hironobu Sakaguchi, Sid Meier and of course Shigeru Miyamoto. Molyneux founded developer Bullfrog in 1987, and went on to effectively create the 'god-game' genre with Populous.

He has also been behind such landmark titles as Theme Park, Magic Carpet, Syndicate and Dungeon Keeper, with sales of his games apparently reaching ten-million. Always good for a sharply-worded phrase, Molyneux's lofty speeches have proved influential throughout the business and his most recent release, Black and White, has so far sold more than two-million copies. Keep up the good work, Pete.

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