Lionhead not convinced by the co-op in Fable II

Fable III will be much better

Lionhead has been talking about the limitations of Fable II and how much better the sequel will be in terms co-operative gameplay.

Lionhead's Ted Timmins told Eurogamer: "We do admit, the co-op in Fable II was rubbish. We'd be restricted to being within 10 yards of each other, I'd have to be your henchman."

Fable III is set to offer a much better and more comprehensive co-op experience with players even able to get married to each other and share a bank account.

Timmins expained: "If I'm playing with my girlfriend, I can get married to my girlfriend in the game," Timmins said. "Have a wedding, get down on one knee like in real life."

"When you actually get married in the game, you have a shared back account," he continued. "So one day you might turn your game on thinking yeah, I've got 1000 gold, I can have that weapon that I wanted, you run over, you press A, you've got no money. The reason is, you go to your house, you've got pink wallpaper and a new bed."

Fable III will hit PC and Xbox 360 on October the 26th.

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