Bioware: Price will make or break Kinect and Move

Bioware will wait and see who succeeds before committing

Bioware's Greg Zeschuck has voiced his concerns over the pricing of Microsoft and Sony's new motion controllers.

Zeschuck pointed out at E3 in an interview with Eurogamer that Kinect and Move will fail to make a mark on the industry is the price is too high. He added that they would have to wait and see how the echnologies are recieved before Bioware would commit to developing for them.

Zeschuck said: I love the no controller element but its going to come down to execution, how precise and how good it is.

With regard to all these things, I worry about price points," continued Zeschuck. "Ray [Muzyka, BioWare CEO] and I work on both the development and the business side, so were excited from a game design perspective but we also look at the practical reality of making these technologies successful. If the price is too high, they wont take off.

GAME in the UK has already cut the price of the main Move controller from 39.99 GBP to 34.99 GBP. Kinect is still rumoured to be priced at 150 USD with a formal price coming at Gamescom in August.

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