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PSP and PS2 link-up

Getting closer

Sony's forthcoming entry into the handheld market, the PSP, will allow for connectivity with PS2 and PSX consoles, the Japanese firm has revealed in an interview with CEO Fumiya Takeno in Mainichi Shimbun. Takeno was keen to emphasise that games taking advantage of the link (which could allow titles to be played at home and on the move), and new titles generally, would still not be predominantly port-based. Which is good news.

With the innards of the PSP being remarkably similar to Sony's ubiquitous PS2 console, the movement of games between platforms becomes an easy prospect, making compatibility a genuine possibility, though it is unknown if such titles would be sold together or separately. Indeed, developers have already been enthused by how easy the porting of games has become, resulting in Sony vetoing ports for the system's launch in an exercise of quality control. Thanks to

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