No 3D for the PSP 2

No announcement on a new handheld either

Sony Worldwide Studios VP Scott Rohde has played down any talk of 3D support in the next generation of PSP.

Rohde told Industry Gamers at E3 that the PSP's successor is not due to be announced right now and it will not feature 3D.

When asked if Sony would follow Nintendo's lead and introduce 3D to their next handheld Rohde said: "No, no plans for that." On the PSP 2 question he added: "Its just not something were announcing right now. Its just as simple as that. Its all I can tell you."

Comments by Kaz Hirai head of SCE from earlier this year supported the 3D question. Hirai said: "Based off internally conducted research, naked-eye 3D for portables does not have high precision, and at present there are limitations."

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