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Crackdown 2 demo can be played indefinitely

Glitch discovered by accident thanks to shoddy internet connection

Gamers enjoying the Crackdown 2 demo now have a way to circumvent the 30-minute play time restriction.

According to GameFAQs forum user, Machspeed 2, there is a way to freeze the countdown clock so that players can enjoy the demo for as long as they want.

The user stumbled on the glitch after a brief lapse of internet connectivity occurred whilst loading up the game.

Apparently, quickly disabling and re-enabling your internet connection (either by unplugging the ethernet cable and reinserting it or turning the router on an off quickly) as you press A to deploy your Agent should freeze the game clock as long as you cancel the Xbox Live warning dialogue box.

This also works for multiplayer games provided that you set up you game to allow drop-ins. Just avoid rooftop and street race missions as they will automatically end the game session.

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