Fear of anti-games spin may have killed games industry tax breaks

David Braben believes the cut was not just a financial decision

Elite co-creator, David Braben believes that fear of the spin from the anti-games lobby may have caused the Coalition Government to drop plans for tax relief for the games industry.

The Frontier chief told Develop that he thought that the Government may have feared widespread criticism for dishing out tax breaks in the middle of a financial crisis from those oppsed to video games.

Braben said: "We have the figures to demonstrate the benefits, but in the end I suspect the reason not to do it, despite the pre-election promises from all three parties, is the fear of how it might be spun by the anti-games lobby."

"I am not surprised, but it is disappointing that the government doesn't value our industry as a possible bulwark against recession," continued Braben. "The worldwide games industry will continue to do well with or without government support, but the sad fact is that without the support we will see that growth happen outside the UK rather than here at home, where it is hard to forsee anything but a continued exodus of companies and talent, as we have in the last few years."

Given that the UK Government has used Canada as an example of how to cut a horrendous budget deficit does seem to have ignored how big an impact the games industry had on Canada's recovery. Braben concludes: "Canada started its ambitious incentive scheme while it was in recession and by 2008 had got returns of 1.5Bn GBP from 500M GBP investment."

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